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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> vicki : now at 11. an emotional night for the community of brisbane. friends and family members remembering the titchner's. shelly titchener was reported missing earlier this month. and now her husband, paul, passed away just last week. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. dozens of people. coming together at brisbane park this evening. for a candle light ceremony for the titcheners. kron four's scott rates attended the ceremony. he brings us the story. >> scott :a community coming together to support too young
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man who lost their parents and the most heartbreaking way tears on their faces could be seen crying uncontrollably into the arms of loved ones as they are asked more questions than answers the father took his own life midway through investigations into his to wife's disappearance and her husband was the only person of interest in the case tonight was not about the investigation but it was about shielding--healing we are waiting for investigators to identify a torso that was found to see if it has any ties in this case >> pam :happening tomorrow.
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the two men charged in connection with the murder of stacey aguilar are due back in court. esmid pedraza is acccused of murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day. and today. a fundraiser was held for the 22-year-old. who will be laid to rest tomorrow. as kron 4's alecia reid reports, the fundraiser will go towards the young woman's funeral. >> : i feel very sorry for what happen >> alecia :car after car rolled into this parking lot to get washed. there was no fee, only donations supporting stacey aguilar's funeral expenses. >> : everybody has to cooperate for this situation and help the people because they need a lot of help >> alecia :family and friends flagged down drivers on west alma avenue. kristen jauquez saw the sign while driving by, stopped to get her car washed and shared it on social media. >> : i understand trying to raise money in a short amount of time. everybody needs help
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>> alecia :other drivers also found out about the fundraiser on the internet. >> : i saw it on instagram and my car didn't need a wash but it's all about support in times of need >> alecia :aguilar's former employer agave sports bar and grill offered up its parking lot in order for her family to hold the car wash >> : you support community in times of need >> alecia :the 22 year old was found shot to death, lying in a ditch a week after she was reported missing. her boyfriend esmid valentine pedraza has been charged with murder. his friend donato perez is facing a felony accessory charge for allegedly helping peraza dump the body. aguilar's funeral will be held on monday. reporting in san jose alecia reid kron 4 news. >> vicki : richmond police are searching for a suspect. who shot at an s-u-v driving along interstate-80. causing the vehilce to crash, killing the driver. it happened yesterday morning around one. near hilltop drive. police say an unknown vehicle
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drove alongside a jeep. and fired severl rounds into it. the jeep then went down an embankment. the driver, a 40-year-old man, was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. investigators believe the shooter targeted the victim. this is just one of a series of shooting that have occurred along interstate 80 since november. a second autopsy of a guatemalan immigrant who was shot dead by san francisco police last year. appears to contradict official'' initial claims about the shooting. the autopsy report shows. that 21-year-old amilcar perez-lopez was shot four times in the back. mirroring the findings of an independent autopsy last april. police initally reported that perez-lopez lunged at officers with a knife when they shot him. san francisco police declined to comment on the case because of pending litigation. new at eleven. police in the monterey county
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city of marina are thanking the public for helping catch a suspected car thief. officers say they caught a seaside woman driving a stolen car. after responding to a report of suspicious activity. the suspect, identified as catalina baltazar, already had an outstanding felony warrant for a previous car theft. the car she was caught in. had been taken from an auto body shop. she's now in jail on suspicion of auto theft. property crimes in hillsborough, police say continue to climb. since the start of the year, investigators say there's been a noticable uptick in the usually peaceful and alluent penninsula town. and, tonight, kron four's philippe djegal reports on the latest burglary investigation. >> : thank goodness they saw me and ran away, because they might have seen me and decided to attack or something. >> phillipe :35 years in this hillsborough home. and, sid rosenberg says he's never been burglarized. but saturday afternoon -- he came awfully close.
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>> : i was kind of scared. >> phillipe :walking from one end of the house to the other, as rosenberg passed by the courtyard, he noticed two men casing his milford avenue home. when all three men made eye contact, rosenberg says the trespassers ran off. >> : and, then my wife saw them jump over this big fence. >> phillipe :rosenberg called police shortly after. >> : while we were on scene investigating that particular call, about five to ten minutes later, about five blocks away from there, we received another report of a burglary on de sabla. >> phillipe :hillsborough police captain doug davis says investigators believe the men seen at rosengberg's house committed the burglary on de sabla road. possibly because it was an easier target. the homes on milford are all gated off. but you can easily walk up to the doors on de sabla. >> : the description we have is
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fairly vague. they're tall, about six feet tall, slender in build, athletic wear and hoodies, possibly described as hispanic males. >> phillipe :dating back to november 2014. captain davis says his department has seen a steady increase in property crimes. >> : and, why is that? well, there's a lot of reasons, one of them could be the passage of proposition 47 which, uh, made some felonies now a misdemeanor and the exposure for doing crimes less. >> phillipe :rosenberg says he'll continue living life as he has, though now with a closer on the people passing through the neighborhood. and, so will police. >> : we've increased the amount of patrol activity, including some of our unmarked units. >> : i was a little surprised that this was during the day and also because i don't think we have anything valuable to steal. >> phillipe :in hillsborough, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki : new at eleven. a san francisco man has been charged in that melee at a klu klux klan in anaheim yesterday. the kkk protest erupted into violence when klan members were confronted by some 30 counter- protestors. 51-year old charles donner of san francisco was one of six klansmen arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. witnesses say a klansman stabbed three counter protestors with the sharp point of a flagpole. and, two klansman were stomped, according to police.
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also arrested were seven counter-protestors.on assault charges. it's the biggest night in hollywood. the oscars have officially wrapped up and the a-listers have headed to their parties. kron 4's kate cagle is here to tell us who came out on top tonight. > >kate:the bay area had some wins a local woman won best actress. her career is just getting started. for all the fashion and glamour. tonight turned out to be leo's. who finally won his oscar. then there was best acress. brie larson is a name you'll start hearing a lot more as her career takes off. larson is actually from sacramento and studied acting at the american conservatory theater in san francisco. she won for her riveting performance in "room."
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it was also a big night for journalism: spotlighta movie showcasing investigative journalism at the boston globe took home the top honor. >>:how was the first day of school? it was fine i guess > >kate:when it comes to the movieswe can always count on pixar to represent the bay area. tonight.the emeryville animation pioneers picked up a big win for "inside out" it won best animated feature film tonight. >>:and the oscar goes to spotlight > >kate: the movie about steve jobs to not win any awards tonight the blind side and money ball and a big short but unfortunately they did not win
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tonight some maybe she is the oscars new leo--he is the >> vicki : the countdown to super tuesday or we are within 48 hours away in sports. the sharks take to the ice in vancouver. and we take another look back at steph curry's historic night. j.r. has all the sports. coming up
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>> vicki : happening tomorrow. the alameda renters coalition is filing an intiative. in response to a crisis of mass evictions and average rent increases. the group says it's doing it to "enact a firm set of laws and protect renters from greedy investors." city officials have deliberated over the rental crisis for three years. recently crafting an ordinance the coalition says falls far short of what's needed to protect tenants. we are ending february much like it started. warm and dry. brian, how are the numbers looking for the drought?
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>> brian :we are now well below hundred just because it hasn't rained in february we have had record rainfall -- because of the -- compare it to the rain from last year and the rain this year is not what you would expect a lot of places and it will continue to drop if we do not get rain sometime soon for tonight we have low close at the coast but other was a sunny
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day for tomorrow with white offshore winds here is a feature cast--future cast and eventually tuesday afternoon it will get closer to us and we will see just a couple of high clouds there could be a few isolated showers but now we are back to tomorrow and is looking sunny and warm we have a little bit of clout in this in the morning--cloudiess and for the late afternoon and evening it will thicken the clouds and that eventually we have a chance for a light rain
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in here which will help to cool things down and set up a change in to the weak and weary could be looking at some pretty wet weather for saturday and sunday >> vicki : more than a dozen states and territories will hold primaries on super tuesday -- the biggest contest thus far in the 2016 election season. steve nannes reports. >> reporter :with a major victory in south carolina and hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum going across multiple states on super tuesday she spoke to a congregation in memphis wall attending a church service--while attending as part of his super tuesday strategy and bernie moved on to
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texas and minnesota >>:i'm going to be asking for your votes, but i'm going to need your help after the general election because i can't do it alone >> reporter :donald trump who won three of the first gop races is confident >>:i think that trump is going to win all of them but we keep holding our own what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio our campaign is the only one in position to beat don trump on super tuesday--donald
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>> j.r. : the warriors won their 53rd game and told 12th three-pointers including the game-winner in overtime as the warriors beat oklahoma city on hundred and 21 to 118 beating his old record for last year end the year before last night he tied to other players for the most three- pointers in the game pyrrhus steph after the game-- here is steph >>:had confidence all night and am grateful the last one won the game to tear this thing the canadian national anthem before the game
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>> j.r. :sharks go on to win this 14 to one-- 4-1 undefeated at home and we go to the first half with eight impressive shot--an impressive shot and the bears get extended to 11 look at that don't--dunk they finished in third place the stanford women are taking on the oregon ducks stanford coaches waiting for the game and then for the first quarter brittany with the fast
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break 18 rebounds and 15 doubles but this season cardinals win this one easily 69 to 42 finishing with a 14 and 4 record he is looking and he is going to get that on a birdie and here he is looking for his shot and mrs. as teapots' short --misses as he putts short finishes with a nine under par and that is sports >> vicki : james franco not at
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the oscars, but here, picking up an award, up next
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>> vicki : hollywood may have the academy awards - but cinequest film festival is kicking off here in the bay area. and james franco picked up - not an oscar but a maverick spirit award. today, the actor - who by the way is from the peninsula - shared his experiences on camera and behind it. and even his days in a soap
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opera. >>:and i was in a general hospital--"general hospital" >> vicki : you may remember james franco actually hosted the oscars back in 2011 along with ann hathaway. --anne today franco was joined by experts in virtual reality and cellphones - talking about the future of movie experiences. cinequest runs for the next few weeks in san jose. for those who like taking selfies. there's a new gadget coming. it's called the macbook selfie stick. it can hold a full-size macbook.
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>> vicki : the gadget is the brain-child of the inventors behind the real-world netflix and chill room. they are in these stills. with the macbook selfie stick. you can do facetime video- well as take video or still pictures of yourself and friends. >> brian :good luck getting that through security it happens once every four years but tomorrow we're going to have fantastic weather
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>> vicki : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow nissan leaf...
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♪ "the weekend insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. kelly clarkson tears for her father inside her musical therapy. that's part of our good week/bad week. >> i don't want to read too much or know too much. >> including chrissy teigen's ivf controversy. plus, are kim and kanye heading for a billion dollar divorce? and music's top diva as the hit-making producer finally speaks out. and ultimate fighting champion ronda rous